Philip Dingle Consulting, LLC was set up in 2014 to provide professional consulting services in the fields of diesel fuel injection technology and diesel engines. This became possible after retiring following 41 years with Lucas Diesel Systems, which eventually became Delphi Diesel Systems in 2000, much of which was spent working in the various internal advanced engineering groups that evolved over the years. Injection system applications work during this career involved close cooperation, and in some cases residency, with many of the well known diesel engine manufacturers including Ford Tractor, Perkins Engines, Caterpillar, Cummins, General Motors, John Deere, Volvo, and Detroit Diesel.

In addition, several injection and combustion related projects required close cooperation with GM Research, and Ford Scientific Research laboratories. From 1991 to 2008, Diesel Systems was a member of the Southwest Research Institute Clean Diesel Consortium in its various guises, and the opportunity to be the Lucas/Delphi liaison with SwRI over this span enabled active participation in many interesting and advanced technology projects. Among these, the Real-Time Water Emulsions (RTWE) project stands out as a successful activity that resulted in a patent award and the opportunity to contribute to at least two technical papers.

A relatively recent activity involved close cooperation with some of the National Laboratories, particularly Argonne and Sandia, in connection with advanced diesel injection and spray research.

Following this career in fuel injection, a further five and a half years was spent working at Daimler Detroit Diesel in the Advanced Powertrain Group focussed on heavy duty truck technology trends, and latterly the US Department of Energy SuperTruck-II project, during which I concentrated on the reduction of parasitic losses.

This background of cutting edge involvement at the interface between diesel injection systems and the diesel engine is now available to provide sage advice for your next diesel-related project. A strong interest in historical aspects of diesel engine engineering (what did work, what did not, and what might have worked), coupled with contemporary research and development experience results in a unique ability to help put your project on a sound footing.

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